Meeting the Cuts & Big Society Challenge

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A Solace Enterprises programme supported by FutureGov and izwe

Programme Objectives

To enable Local Authorities to rapidly adapt to the cuts whilst improving their engagement infrastructure and systems. Essential to building a bigger society.

Programme Overview

Social media is already changing how local government works and offers new ways to radically enhance the connectedness of officials and councillors to their citizens. It however offers significant cultural challenges which many authorities find very difficult to overcome.

In 2011 SOLACE Enterprises will work with a limited number of authorities to help them adapt culturally and technologically to the changed environment. The programme will be designed specifically to deliver significant cost savings in terms of engagement and research (e.g. the replacement of residents surveys and citizens’ panels); whilst also targeting specific Big Society opportunities of social innovation and community involvement.

Programme Components

The programme will last approximately 12 months and will consist of three core elements:

  • Training: bespoke training will be offered to enable and support successful applicants to both use social media and adapt to changing political and economic context.
  • Strategic Support: specific support will be deployed to ensure that engagement and social media activities are effectively integrated into service improvement and tough decisions.
  • Technology tools and support: each partner will have a range of proven social media options offered for use over the period.

To Register Interest in The Programme

Please contact Thom Townsend, Project Manager, at Izwe on 020 7608 0815 or email at