Short Term Focus Required to Save Big Society

Nick Nielsen & Richard Wilson argue that Cameron must focus on the short term not the future if he wants to save the Big Society Continue reading

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Big Society Rhetoric Must Be Grounded

Nick Nielsen warns that the current Big Society debate is in danger of fundamentally undermining the project. Continue reading

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Coping With The Cuts

Richard Wilson argues that our response to the current adversity will lay the foundations for our future way of life. Continue reading

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Towards a Science Transparency Index

Jouna Ukkonen and Richard Wilson outline how we can and should build a global science transparency index. Continue reading

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Fig Leaf or Carrot, The Big Society is Driven By The Cuts

Nick Nielsen and Richard Wilson explore how the cuts agenda is interacting with the Big Society and raising the bar for demonstrable change. Continue reading

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The Localism Bill, Another Political Black Hole?

How do we maintain the value of localism in the face of the cuts and public discontent? Continue reading

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Leadership for a Bigger Society

“It is said of a good leader, that when the work is done, the aim fulfilled, the people will say, ‘We did this ourselves’.” Continue reading

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Do These Consultations Really Work?

Richard Wilson asks whether the explosion of budget consultations across the UK will help local government to meet the transformation challenge? Continue reading

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A Cry for Community

Time poverty, technology and high levels of mobility have contributed to parts of Britain, especially our big cities and their suburbs, having low social capital and people feeling isolated. We need strong communities where individuals can feel happy and fulfilled. And we need it now. Continue reading

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Big Society Bottom Line

We need a ‘Big Society Bottom Line’ in order to ensure that the cuts agenda delivers reform as well as savings. Continue reading